Vrroom was developed and is maintained by the National Archives of Australia, an agency of the Australian Government. It can be cited as National Archives of Australia, Vrroom – Virtual Reading Room, vrroom.naa.gov.au.

Records in Vrroom come from the National Archives collection. Read about our selection of records to include in Vrroom. To learn more about using Vrroom, take a tour.

The Curriculum Corporation, through the National Digital Learning Resource Network (NDLRN), is a partner in selecting, describing and identifying the educational value of around 290 archival records in Vrroom. The National Archives and TLF aim to provide quality online teaching and learning opportunities.

The Vrroom application was developed by Reading Room Australia and the National Archives of Australia.

In 2006, Vrroom won an Australian Publishers Association Award for Excellence in Educational Publishing. The award was made for the best educational website for secondary-school students.

Quality assurance

All content in Vrroom is informed and directed by major curriculum areas for Years 9 to 12. It is highly relevant to 20th-century Australian History and to Civics and Citizenship. It is also a valuable tool for senior secondary students of English, Science and ICT – see curriculum connections.

Vrroom is also assessed for educational and historical soundness. The National Archives has consulted with educators across the states and territories and historians in their specialty areas. We have also drawn on the expertise of the Curriculum Corporation as a maker of online learning resources for schools.


We welcome your feedback on any aspect of Vrroom. In particular, if there is something in our collection that you'd like to see in Vrroom, we invite you to request a record.