Finding records

In Vrroom, you can do archival research online. The records here are described in more detail and hence easier to find than records in most archival collections. And best of all, you can save your research in Vrroom – for example, for an assignment.

Search for records

Your search can be simple or advanced. The page on searching has details on how each kind of search works.

Browse by topic

Another way to find records in Vrroom is to browse by topic. Research topics are broad and cover areas of Australian history and identity. You can use the dropdown topic menus to browse by topic. We also have pages that introduce each topic and describe the kinds of records you will find there.

Other ways to find records

Vrroom provides several pathways through its records. In addition to the search and browse functions, record view pages have links at the bottom that enable you to browse related records – by keyword or by a 'paper trail'.

Keyword browsing is a way to discover records related by keyword. On each record view page, along with the other data about the record, you can see the keywords we have attached to the record. Each keyword is also a link, which you can follow to find other records also tagged with that keyword.

Paper trail shows you records with a consequential relationship to the record you are viewing. For example, a reply to a letter would be linked to the original letter. A policy decision would be linked to instructions sent out as a consequence of the policy change.

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