Learning content

About the record

For around 290 records in Vrroom, we provide learning content – a detailed description of the record and an educational value statement. Where available, this learning content appears under a separate tab on the record view page. When you first view a record, you are on the 'Record' tab. To see the learning content, click on the 'About' tab.

The description draws attention to details of the content and nature of the record. The educational value statement begins from the record but makes connections with parallel or related events, movements, technologies and so on.

This contextual information provides you with a starting point for an inquiry – it will alert you to possible areas for further investigation. These records have been chosen for their appeal and interest – they are central to an understanding of a topic, theme or issue. Some are especially relevant to a particular state or territory of Australia. Others are of national significance.

Learning content in Vrroom is co-created by the National Archives of Australian and the Curriculum Corporation. Copyright of this content is shared between the Curriculum Corporation and the National Archives of Australia.

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