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This thing called Vrroom

What is Vrroom?

Fancy a tour of Vrroom?

Finding records

What's the best way to find records?

There are several ways to find records. Keyword searching is quick and easy. Vrroom will retrieve records divided into:

  • text-based records
  • photographs
  • other kinds of records (such as maps or artwork).

The search terms you enter are used to scan all the information in the titles, descriptions, dates, content creators, record creators and notes of the records.

An advanced search will give you the most control. Use it to search for records according to a range of parameters – keyword, date and medium type (for example, photograph), as well as exclusions. For details, see the page on searching.

What if I don't know what I'm looking for?

You can browse instead of searching. See the dropdown topic menus to browse records or resources on that topic. Results pages will also direct you to pages which introduce that topic and the kinds of records you may find.

You can also browse by keyword. Once you're on a record view page, all the keywords attached to that record appear as links. If you follow the links, you'll retrieve a results page that includes all the records in Vrroom that are tagged with that keyword.

Reading records

Why do some records appear with the last page first?

Sometimes a record is paginated backwards because that is how the paper pages were filed – with the first page on the bottom and subsequent pages added on top. When we digitise the file, we retain the order in which the pages were filed.

What help can you give me in reading a record?

We have a bit of advice in using primary sources – see 'Reading records'.

Saving records

Can I save the records I've found?

Yes. You can find records, attach notes to them, sort them into groups and save your work. If you are logged in at the time, it will all be there the next time you visit.

How do I save records?

First, register and log in to Vrroom. When you find a record you want to save, scroll down to the heading, 'Save this record'. Add a note and/or choose a group to save it into, and hit the big orange 'Save' button.

Printing records

How do I print Vrroom resources?

On every record view page, there is a link to 'View printable record'. That's the simplest way to print records. You can also print out a set of records that you have saved.

How do I print out my saved records?

Assuming you are logged in and have some saved records, go to 'Your saved records'. (The link is in the left-hand column.) Use the check boxes to mark which records you'd like to print. Then use the link to 'Print selected'. A preview screen will open. All your selected records – and all their pages – will print out, with each record image starting on a new page.


Do I have to register?

No, registration is optional. You can use Vrroom without registering but you will not be able to save your research for a later visit.

Why should I register?

You should register and log in if you want to be able to save your research – records you have found, annotated or grouped – for a later session in Vrroom.

How do I register?

Register here – it is quick and easy, and you will be logged in at the end. You can also register and log in from the home page and on the left-hand side of your screen.

I forgot my password. How do I get another one?

We have a link especially for the absentminded. It also appears on the home page and on the left-hand side of your screen. You will be presented with your secret question. If you can answer it, your password will display.

Getting the most out of Vrroom

I'm a teacher. How do I use Vrroom?

Learning content in Vrroom will be useful. Teachers of Year 9 students – see the page on applying the National Statements of Learning for Australian History, Civics and Citizenship, English and ICT.

Some Vrroom records contain words I don't understand. What help can I get?

Try the Glossary. (A link to the Glossary is also in the Help menu at the top-right.) If you don't see the word you are looking for, you are welcome to request a new glossary term.

There's a record I'd like to see in Vrroom. Shall I tell you about it?

Yes! By all means, you may request a record. We can search for a record on a nominated topic, or we can search for a specific record. If we find what you're looking for, we'll put it in Vrroom as soon as we can. If you're not sure what's in the collection, find out more about the National Archives collection.


I want to go home! How do I return to the Vrroom home page?

Click your heels together three times...or use the:

  • Vrroom logo (top-right) or the
  • 'Home' tab near the top-left or the
  • 'Home' link (at the foot of your screen).

I want to find an image that was once featured on the home page. How?

Try a keyword search for it. Hint: Don't be too specific, for example, if the image you want to locate is of a dingo and searching for 'dingo' doesn't work, try searching for 'animal'.

Why are some records hard to read on screen?

On screen, the records display slightly smaller than their actual size. Sometimes this means that they're a bit hard to read. But if you print them, the quality is good. So if you are struggling to read something on screen, try printing it.

I was not logged in but I saved some records and they appeared on 'Your saved records'. Are they saved or not?

No. If you want them to be there next time you visit Vrroom, you'll have to log in and save them again. Vrroom is a nifty tool but it doesn't know who you are unless you tell it.

I saved some records in my last session but they're not here now. Why?

You must be logged in to save your records for a later session. Either you were not logged in when you saved your records or you are not logged in now.

I found a bug. What should I do?

Please tell us. These details are most useful:

  • the page you were on (you can copy and paste the URL into your message)

  • what you were trying to do

  • what happened.

Other matters

If there is a question you'd like to see answered here, please ask it.