Hints and Tips

  1. Classroom Resources – click on the link on the VRROOM home page and find a number of primary sources on various topics relating to your Australian Curriculum history studies.
  2. Browse by topic – Choose one of the topics and then 'Refine topic' to find records on a wide variety of Australian-history related subjects from Indigenous artist, Albert Namatjira to the great Aussie invention, the Dethridge irrigation wheel.
  3. Keywords – You will notice each featured record contains a number of keywords. Click on the keywords to find other related records. You can also conduct a search by keyword.
  4. Reference – Each record has a reference number, (or Series Number). If you click on this Reference number you will be taken to RecordSearch, which is the primary search engine and catalogue for the National Archives. Here you can find more detail about the series of records your document belongs to, what other type of records are contained in that series and the government department/s that created it.

If you have any questions about how to use VRROOM effectively, please email the Education Team at vroom@naa.gov.au.

Head back to the VRROOM homepage and happy researching!