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Australian writer Miles Franklin

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Title: Australian writer Miles Franklin
Date: Circa 1901
Keywords: women, people, arts, biography, literature
Record creator: Department of Information
Reference: A1200, L32223

Australian writer Miles Franklin

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This is a black-and-white mounted photograph showing a three-quarter-length portrait of Miles Franklin (1879–1954). She is dressed in a dark, tailored suit and is standing side on to the camera, facing to the right. Her head is turned towards the camera and she is holding a dark parasol under her left arm, military-style. A single thick plait reaches below her waist and is tied at the end by a light-coloured bow. She is wearing a dark boater-style hat squarely on her head. Indistinct words are written in ink across the bottom of the photograph and mount. The date '1901' is written in pencil in the bottom right-hand corner of the mount.

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