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Pacific Island Labourers Act 1901: Legislation

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Title: Pacific Island Labourers Act 1901
Subtitle: Legislation
Date: 17 December 1901
Content creator: House of Representatives
Keywords: employment, legislation, labour, White Australia Policy, coloured, deportation, ACT, exclusion, licence, kanakas, Kanaka, Federation, Parliament, primary industry, law & justice
Record creator: Attorney General's Department
Reference: A1559, 1901/16

Pacific Island Labourers Act

Pacific Island Labourers Act

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This is an Act passed by the Australian federal parliament in 1901. It is headed: 'AN ACT To provide for the Regulation, Restriction, and Prohibition of the Introduction of Labourers from the Pacific Islands and for other purposes’ – and is known as the Pacific Island Labourers Act. The Act is printed on parchment, bound by blue ribbon and has a red wax seal of the parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia on the left-hand side. Handwritten on the first page are the words 'No. 16 of 1901' and '(Assented to 17th December, 1901)'.

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