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Australasian Federation Conference

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Title: Australasian Federation Conference
Date: 1890

Names of the attendees photographed:
Standing from left to right: Hon A Inglis Clark MP (Tas); Captain Russell MP (New Zealand); Sir Samuel Griffith KCMG, MP (NSW); Sir Henry Parkes KCMG MP (NSW); Hon T Playford MP (SA); Hon A Deakin MP (Vic); Hon D S Bird, MP, (Tas); Mr G H Jenkins, Secretary to the Conference. Seated from left to right: Hon W McMillan, MP (NSW); Sir John Hall KCMG MP (New Zealand); Hon J M Macrossan MP (QLD); Hon Duncan Gillies MP (Vic); Hon Sir John Cockburn MP (SA); Sir James Lee-Steere MP (WA).

Keywords: Australian history, federation, government, Constitution
Record creator: Department of Information, Central Office
Reference: A1200, L13363

Australasian Federation Conference, 1890

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This is a black-and-white group photograph showing the secretary and 13 colonial delegates to the Australasian Federation Conference. It shows the men seated or standing in front of Parliament House in Melbourne before or after one of the sessions of the conference, held between 6 and 14 February 1890.

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