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Cartoon depicting the Melbourne plague

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Title: Cartoon depicting the Melbourne plague
Date: 19 May 1900
Keywords: epidemics, health, cartoons, medical practitioners, communicable diseases, quarantine, contagious diseases, plague, pandemic, bubonic plague, Hamlet, doctors
Record creator: Department of Health, Central Office
Reference: CP567/1, Box 4

Hamlet - the Plague

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This black-and-white cartoon, published on 19 May 1900, depicts the outbreak of the bubonic plague in Melbourne by using imagery and a stanza from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. A seven-line quotation from Act I Scene IV is printed below the image. The drawing shows two contemporary Melbourne figures, Dr John Elkington and Dr Dan Gresswell, who are represented as the characters Horatio and Hamlet respectively. The men are standing in front of the spectre of a ghost on which is printed the word 'plague'.

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