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Wolf Klaphake, enemy alien

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Title: Wolf Klaphake, enemy alien
Date: 25 August 1941
Content creator: Lieutenant General GGN Miles
Keywords: discrimination, alienation, national socialism, national security, chemists, citizenship, intelligence organisations, human rights, internment, enemy alien, Second World War, World War II, aliens control regulations, aliens tribunal, intelligence reports
Record creator: Army Headquarters, Department of Defence II
Reference: MP508/1, 255/741/381

Klaphake National Security

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This one-page report is part of a series of official documents concerning Wolf Klaphake, a German national who was classed as an enemy alien and held in an internment camp in Australia from 1940 to 1944. The report is addressed to the General Officer Commanding (GOC) Eastern Command and is headed 'National Security (Aliens Control Regulations: Regulation 20. Aliens Tribunal No. 1, Victoria'. It is dated 25 August 1941.

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