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Cartoon of Gough Whitlam

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Title: Cartoon of Gough Whitlam
Date: 1972
Content creator: Michael Atchison
Keywords: cartoonists, cartoons, political attitudes, political leaders, political power, politicians, Visual arts
Record creator: Hon Edward Gough WHITLAM AC, QC
Reference: M151, 206
Copyright notice: Reproduced by kind permission of Mr Michael P Atchison

Michael Atchison drawing of Gough Whitlam

Learning content

This black-and-white cartoon shows prime minister Gough Whitlam immediately after his election, seated at a desk and rolling up his sleeves with a blank sheet of paper in front of him. He looks up at an in-tray piled high with policies, reforms and challenges for the new government. His out-tray holds William 'Billy' McMahon, whose government he had just defeated. Outside the cartoon box is written 'With the compliments of Michael Atchison'. It was drawn in December 1972 by cartoonist Michael Atchison.

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