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National Service ballot balls [marbles]

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Title: National Service ballot balls [marbles]
Date: Circa 1965
Keywords: conscription, military service, conscientious objection, national service, war service, enlistment, recruitment (military service), activism, armed forces, armies, Vietnam, Vietnam War, compulsory service, army, defence
Record creator: Department of Labour, Central Office
Reference: MP1357/63, 1

National Service Ballot Balls

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This is a colour photograph of the ballot balls that were used by the Australian Government as part of the National Service Scheme between 1965 and 1972. The four trays contain wooden marbles, each measuring approximately 1.5 centimetres in diameter, individually numbered from 1 to 366. Each marble represents a day of the year and the birthday of 20-year-old men who were potentially to be balloted into the Australian Regular Army (ARA).

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