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Cathy Freeman

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Title: Cathy Freeman
Date: 1993
Notes: You can read about Frank Fisher, the great-grandfather of champion Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman, in our Vrroom record entitled, Attestation form for Trooper Frank Fisher.
Keywords: athletics, identity, Indigenous education, Aboriginal identity, personalities, athletes, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, Olympics, sporting heroes, runners, sprint events
Record creator: Australian Overseas Information Service
Reference: A6135, K4/3/93/172

Olympic Runner Cathy Freeman


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This is a colour photograph of Australian Olympic and Commonwealth athlete Cathy Freeman, aged 19 or 20, at a running track. The relaxed and casual photograph shows her smiling shyly at the camera. Freeman wears a tracksuit and has her hair pulled back. She is shown adjusting the shoelaces on her running shoe.

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