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Protesters at Franklin Dam site

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Title: Protesters at Franklin Dam site
Date: 1982
Keywords: active citizenship, activism, activists, conservation, environmental attitudes, environmental preservation, environmental stewardship, environmentalism, natural heritage, protests, dams, Franklin River, Gordon-below-Franklin dam, Bob Hawke
Record creator: Australian Overseas Information Service, Canberra
Reference: A6135, K16/2/83/4

Protest Image of Franklin Dam

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This colour photograph, taken on 17 December 1982, shows a protest coordinated by the Tasmanian Wilderness Society (TWS) against a decision by the Tasmanian Government to dam the Franklin River. About 20 people are gathered on an unmade road through the forest at Mount McCall in south-western Tasmania. Some people are holding banners, one of which reads 'No dams', and another person is supporting a large Australian flag on a pole. The group appears well equipped with sleeping mats and backpacks.

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