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Proceedings for the discharge of Sidney Nolan from the Army

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Title: Proceedings for the discharge of Sidney Nolan from the Army
Date: 1942
Keywords: military service, artists, desertion, deserters, discharge, Ned Kelly paintings
Record creator: Central Army Records Office
Reference: B884, V206559

Sidney Nolan, Artist

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This is the form completed on 25 May 1949 by the Australian Military Forces confirming that Corporal Sidney Robert Nolan, service number V206559, had been discharged in absentia from the Citizen Military Forces (CMF) for misconduct because of illegal absence. Nolan's service in the CMF was deemed to have ended on 21 June 1946, a total of 827 days from his enlistment, with the time from 20 July 1944 onwards classified as 'leave without pay' followed by illegal absence. The Army did not know Nolan's address and sent his discharge certificate via the General Post Office, Sydney.

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