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Australian recruitment statistics for World War I

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Title: Australian recruitment statistics for World War I
Date: 1919
Content creator: Unknown
Keywords: enlistment, recruitment (military service), world wars, First World War, World War I
Record creator: Prime Minister Joseph Cook
Reference: M3610, 2

The Great War Dates

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This printed document, entitled The Great War 1914–1919, shows the number of men in Australia who enlisted for military service during World War I. Under a cameo image of King George V flanked by the crossed flags of Australia and the United Kingdom, the three major dates for the start and end of the war are listed. This is followed by the total number of enlistments from Australia as a whole and Western Australia in particular. A table presents the enlistments for each of the states (Western Australia at the top) by total and as a percentage of the total populations of the states.

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