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Authority to seize Horrie

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Title: Authority to seize Horrie
Date: 12 March 1945
Content creator: Quarantine Officer
Keywords: animal diseases, animal rights, animals, dogs, health, military service, smuggling, Egypt, Egyptian terrior, World War II, animals, quarantine, mascot
Record creator: Department of Health, Central Office
Reference: A11984, V213

Authority to seize Horrie

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This form, which authorises the seizure of a dog, was issued under the Quarantine Act 1908 of the Commonwealth of Australia. The document was despatched by a quarantine officer of the Commonwealth Department of Health on 12 March 1945 to the dog’s owner JB Moody of the Sydney suburb of St Peters. The form authorises the seizure of an Egyptian terrier which had been illegally brought into Australia. This order was issued with the intention of destroying the animal as a potential disease-carrier.

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