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Aarons family surveillance: ASIO surveillance photograph

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Title: Aarons family surveillance
Subtitle: ASIO surveillance photograph
Date: 1966
Keywords: communism, intelligence organisations, Cold War, espionage, surveillance, ASIO, Communist Party of Australia, CPA
Record creator: Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, Central Office
Reference: A9626, 157

Aarons Family Surveillance

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This is a black-and-white surveillance photograph of Brian Aarons, a member of the Communist Party of Australia, taken by Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO) officers as he leaves the Communist Party headquarters on 23 November 1966. Brian Aarons holds some food in his right hand as he walks along, and with his left hand waves a food bag at an unseen person. He is casually dressed and wears sunglasses. The security operation was known as Operation Shiver.

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