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Aboriginal protest in Hobart against the Bicentennial celebrations

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Title: Aboriginal protest in Hobart against the Bicentennial celebrations
Date: 1988
Keywords: Aboriginal peoples, activism, citizenship, civil rights, national days, protests, national days, national identity, yachts, flags, sails, Aboriginal activists, Australia Day, Day of Mourning, Indigenous flag, bicentennial, Australian Bicentenary, bicentenary celebrations, indigenous history
Record creator: Australian Overseas Information Service
Reference: A6135, K5/2/88/48

Aboriginal protest in Hobart against the Bicentenial Celebrations

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This is a colour photograph taken during the 1988 Australian Bicentenary celebrations and shows a boat with three people on board moored at a wharf. The boat's sail depicts three Indigenous Australians linked together with neck chains. A ball and chain and a rifle are shown on the sail and the background colours are the yellow, red and black of the Australian Aboriginal Flag. The flag can be seen flying on the right of the photograph.

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