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Australia's new Parliament House at twilight:


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Title: Australia's new Parliament House at twilight


Date: 1988
Keywords: building design, opening ceremonies, parliaments, public buildings, Australian Parliament House
Record creator: Australian Overseas Information Service
Reference: A8746, KN25/3/88/3

Australia's New Parliament House at Twilight

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This colour photograph, taken around 25 March 1988, shows a distant view of Australia's newly constructed Parliament House, the seat of federal parliament. Taken from the north, it shows Parliament House lit up against a moody sky at twilight, just a few weeks before its official opening. The northern face of the building and the dividing walls that flank it on each side can be seen. The photograph is dominated by a dark foreground and sky, but a dramatic strip of clouds lit by the sunset frames the building itself. A flag flies high above the building on a large flagpole.

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