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Eddie Mabo and Jack Wailu on Mer

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Title: Eddie Mabo and Jack Wailu on Mer
Date: 1989
Content creator: Yarra Bank Films Pty Ltd
Notes: Black and white film still of the colour original.
Keywords: fishing, land custodianship, land rights, Torres Strait Islanders, activists, Aboriginal technology, fish traps, Mer, Murray Island, Indigenous activists, Aboriginal activists, spears, fishing spears
Record creator: Australian Overseas Information Service – Pictorial Library Section
Reference: A6180, 9/3/94/23
Copyright notice: Reproduced with permission of Trevor Graham, Yarra Bank Films Pty Ltd

Image of Eddie Mabo

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This black-and-white photograph shows Eddie Mabo with his friend and neighbour Jack Wailu on Mer (Murray Island), one of the Torres Strait Islands, in September 1989. The men stand on the sand facing the camera with the sea in the background. Mabo, on the left, is wearing a cloth sarong, is bare-chested and holds a long fishing spear. Wailu is wearing white trousers and a t-shirt with spectacles hanging on his chest and what appears to be a scarf around his neck. On the right, a row of rocks marks the edge of a traditional fish trap.

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