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Personal Particulars form for Vietnam conscript Patrick O'Hara

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Title: Personal Particulars form for Vietnam conscript Patrick O'Hara
Date: April 1967
Keywords: war, conflict, domestic war effort, armed forces, national security, military service, soldier, armies, military campaigns, war service, conscription, enlistment, recruitment, armed forces, conscientious objection, enlistment
Record creator: Central Army Records Office
Reference: B2458, 3791411

Patrick O'Hara

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This is the 'Personal Particulars' form of Patrick Harrington O'Hara, a national serviceman (conscript) who served in the Australian Regular Army (ARA) from 1967 to1969. It is taken from his service record and includes a black-and-white photograph of O'Hara, aged 20, personal information and his signature. The form was completed on or around 19 April 1967, when O'Hara reported for duty at Puckapunyal Military Area in Victoria for his initial ten-week training course.

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