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One of Canberra's first government offices (East Block)

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Title: One of Canberra's first government offices (East Block)
Date: 1929
Content creator: Attributed to William James Mildenhall
Keywords: architecture, capital cities, Commonswealth Public Service, East Block, Old Parliament House, Parliamentary Triangle
Record creator: Federal Capital Commission
Reference: A8875, 4

Post Office Canberra (East Block)

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This black-and-white photograph shows East Block, also known as Secretariat Building No. 1, one of only two office buildings constructed for Commonwealth public servants and ministerial staff when Canberra was first built. The building is seen from the north-west, with the stairways leading to the Canberra Post Office visible in front of it. The image forms part of a set of lantern slides of scenes in Canberra put together by the Federal Capital Commission, and was almost certainly taken by government photographer William James 'Jack' Mildenhall.

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