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Instrument of Surrender, Rabaul

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Title: Instrument of Surrender, Rabaul
Date: 6 September 1945
Keywords: world wars, military campaigns, armed forces, World War II, World War 2, surrender, surrender documents, Instrument of Surrender, Japanese Imperial Southeastern Army, First Australian Army, HMS Glory, New Britain
Record creator: Department of External Territories [I], Central Office
Reference: A799, 1

Japan - Instrument of Surrender

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This document is a World War II Instrument of Surrender by Japanese Forces in New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland, Bougainville and adjacent islands. It is signed by Lieutenant General Vernon Sturdee (1890–1966), General Officer Commanding First Australian Army and Commander in Chief of the Japanese Imperial Southeastern Army, General Hitoshi Imamura (1886–1968). The signing took place on board the aircraft carrier HMS Glory off the coast of Rabaul on the island of New Britain on 6 September 1945.

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