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'Life. Be in it' fitness campaign: Norm cartoon character

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Title: 'Life. Be in it' fitness campaign
Subtitle: Norm cartoon character
Date: 1977
Keywords: health, fitness, exercise, advertising campaigns, two-dimensional animation, cell animation, cartoons, walking, public health, 'Life. Be in it.' campaign
Record creator: Australian Information Service, Canberra
Reference: A6180 , 4/5/77/19

Norm cartoon character in fitness campaign 'life'

Learning content

This black-and-white cartoon drawn by Alex Stitt is from the 1977 ‘Life. Be in it’ national public health campaign. It contains four cells and depicts the character of Norm in four progressive stages: sitting in an armchair with his legs up and a can of beer in his hand; getting out of his chair with the ‘Life. Be in it’ slogan on the television screen; stepping away from the chair and the television set; and finally walking. The cartoon is titled 'Norm's walk'.

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