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ASIO message on Vietnam War ‘teach-in’

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Title: ASIO message on Vietnam War ‘teach-in’
Date: 1970
Keywords: espionage, protests, civil wars, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, ASIO, spying, subversion, Vietnam War
Record creator: Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), Central Office
Reference: A6122, 2121

ASIO message on Vietnam War ‘teach-in’

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This is an 'inward message' prepared by an unidentified agent of the Australian Security Intelligence Organisation (ASIO), dated 27 April 1970. It outlines plans for a 'teach-in' with the title 'The Vietnam War in a world context', to be held outside (Old) Parliament House in Canberra on 6 May. The message states that 'a lot' of federal politicians are expected to come out of parliament to meet the participants, and it names four leading Australian Labor Party (ALP) politicians who will address the gathering. The message also lists various other anti-Vietnam War activities in Canberra, including at two secondary schools and the Australian War Memorial.

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