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Wolf Klaphake:

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Title: Wolf Klaphake

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Date: 1943 to 1944
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Keywords: discrimination, alienation, national socialism, national security, chemists, citizenship, intelligence organisations, human rights, internment, enemy alien, Second World War, World War II, aliens control regulations, aliens tribunal, intelligence reports
Record creator: Security Service, South Australia
Reference: D1901, K1056

'A Doubtful Character'

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This is a World War II internment document for Tatura camp internee Wolf Klaphake. Interned for more than four years, Klaphake came to Australia to escape Nazi Germany. However, according to other documents associated with Klaphake in the National Archives' collection, the Australian authorities were unconvinced of his anti-Nazi stance. For more information on Wolf Klaphake, click the links below.

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