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Case for 'yes' in the 1967 Referendum: Argument in favour of the proposed Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) 1967

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Title: Case for 'yes' in the 1967 Referendum
Subtitle: Argument in favour of the proposed Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals) 1967
Date: 1967
Keywords: referendums, Aboriginal history, Aboriginal peoples, constitutions, citizenship, referendum, Constitution, voting, electoral system, government, Indigenous rights, political campaigns, political movements, election, Indigenous history, 1967 Referendum,
Record creator: Prime Minister's Department
Reference: A1209, 1967/7251

Case for 'yes' in the 1967 Indigenous referendum

Case for 'yes' in the 1967 Indigenous referendum

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To ensure the voters are aware of the reasons for the proposed Constitution alterations they will vote on at the Referendum, Case Committees are formed from amongst members of both Houses, with a 'Yes' committee and a 'No' committe. When Parliament passes a proposal unanimously, a 'No' committee is not formed, as it was with the 1967 Referendum in regard to question 2 about the Aboriginal peoples. The 'Case for Yes' and a 'Case for No' arguments should be of no more than 2,000 words for each question. The content is agreed upon and authorised by a majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate within 4 weeks of the Bill being passed.

These two pages set out the official case for voting 'yes' in the 1967 referendum on changing the wording in sections 51 and 127 of the Australian Constitution in relation to Indigenous people. The pages, part of a statement sent out to all eligible voters at least 14 days prior to the date of the referendum [polling day], summarise arguments in favour of altering the Constitution to allow the Australian parliament to legislate in relation to Indigenous people and of repealing the section excluding them from being counted in the national census. The final part indicates that all the major political parties and political leaders were in support.

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