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Polling Day – How to vote cards

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Title: Polling Day – How to vote cards
Date: 2 June 1967 to 5 Dec 1969
Keywords: Indigenous Australians, referendum, Constitution, citizenship, citizens, Referendums, voting, electoral system, government, elections, election, Indigenous history, 1967 Referendum,
Record creator: Chief Electoral Office
Reference: A406, E67/30K

Referendum, 1967: Constitution alteration - enquiries and complaints, p58

Polling Day - How to vote cards, Page 60

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'How to Vote' cards are produced by each Australian political party. These cards are handed to voters on polling day by volunteers and members of the political parties as they arrive at the polling station. The 'how to vote' cards are designed to assist voters to complete their ballot paper correctly and ensure their vote counts. These 'how to vote' cards relate to the 1967 Referendum and are located within a file of the Chief Electoral Office titled '1967 Referendum: Constitution Alteration, Enquiries and Complaints'.

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