Australasian Federation Conference

Australasian Federation Conference, 1890
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Title: Australasian Federation Conference
Date: 1890

Names of the attendees photographed:
Standing from left to right: Hon A Inglis Clark MP (Tas); Captain Russell MP (New Zealand); Sir Samuel Griffith KCMG, MP (NSW); Sir Henry Parkes KCMG MP (NSW); Hon T Playford MP (SA); Hon A Deakin MP (Vic); Hon D S Bird, MP, (Tas); Mr G H Jenkins, Secretary to the Conference. Seated from left to right: Hon W McMillan, MP (NSW); Sir John Hall KCMG MP (New Zealand); Hon J M Macrossan MP (QLD); Hon Duncan Gillies MP (Vic); Hon Sir John Cockburn MP (SA); Sir James Lee-Steere MP (WA).

Keywords: Australian history, federation, government, Constitution
Record creator: Department of Information, Central Office
Reference: A1200, L13363

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