Larrakia petition to the Queen

Larrakia petition to the Queen, 1972
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Title: Larrakia petition to the Queen
Date: 1972
Content creator: 1000 Larrakia community members
Keywords: Aboriginal history, Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal land rights, petitions, activism, Gwalwa Daraniki, Larrakia, Kulaluk, McMahon
Record creator: Office of Aboriginal Affairs
Reference: A2354, 1973/86

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Gwalwa Daraniki!

This is Our Land

The British settlers took our land. No treaties were signed with the tribes. Today we are REFUGEES.

Refugees in the country of our ancestors. We live in REFUGEE CAMPS – without land, without employment, without justice.

The British Crown signed TREATIES with the MAORIS in New Zealand and the Indians in North America.

We appeal to the Queen to help us, the Aboriginal people of Australia.

We need land rights and political representation now. SIGNED: