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Title: Proclamation
Date: 1931
Content creator: Sir Douglas Mawson

The BANZARE voyages (1929–30 and 1930–31) successfully charted over 2000 miles of previously unexplored coastline. Bad weather and heavy pack ice made landfall difficult. On 13 January 1930 the first landing of the two voyages was made at Proclamation Island at 53° East. British sovereignty was claimed over Kemp and Enderby lands and the newly-named Mac.Robertson land. During the second voyage three more coastal landings were made between Proclamation Island and Cape Denison. On the final day of the second voyage a proclamation was made at Cape Bruce at 60° East.

Keywords: Antarctica, BANZARE, expedition, imperialism, Douglas Mawson, Antarctic
Record creator: Antarctic Division
Reference: B1759, 1931/2

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In the name of His Majesty King George the Fifth, King of Great Britain, Ireland and the British Dominions across the Seas, Emperor of India.

By Sir Douglas Mawson

Whereas I have it in command from His Majesty King George the Fifth to assert the Sovereign rights of His Majesty over British land discoveries met with in Antarctica. Now, therefore, I, Sir Douglas Mawson, do hereby proclaim and declare to all men that, from and after the date of these presents, the full sovereignty of the Territory which we have discovered and explored extending continuously from Adelie Land, westwards to Mac.Robertson Land being that part of the Antarctic Mainland and offlying Islands (Including amongst others, Drygalski Island, Hordern Island, David Island, Masson Island, Henderson Island, Haswell Islds and an Island in Longitude 103° 15’ East shown on our charts) situate between meridia 138° and 60° East of Greenwich and south of Latitude 64° as far as the South Pole, vest in His Majesty King George V, his Heirs and Successors forever.

Given under my hand at this spot in Mac.Robertson Land on the eighteenth day of February 1931.

Douglas Mawson