Australian Aborigines' League

Letter from William Cooper to Minister for the Interior

Letter from William Cooper to Minister for the Interior
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Title: Australian Aborigines' League
Subtitle: Letter from William Cooper to Minister for the Interior
Date: 1936
Content creator: Department of the Interior [II], Central Office
Keywords: Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal history, Aboriginal peoples, Aboriginal land rights, petitions, referendums, constitutions, citizenship, political attitudes, political campaigns, political movements, racial conflict, Aboriginal land rights, disadvantaged, Australian Aborigines' League, injustice,
Record creator: Department of the Interior [II], Central Office
Reference: A659, 1940/1/858

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Secretary, Australian Aborigines' League

27 Federal Street, Footscray, W. 11.

William Cooper, Hon. Secretary.

Doug Nicholls, Hon. Treasurer.

February 22nd 1936

The Hon. The Minister for the Interior, Canberra,

Dear Sir,
I am forwarding herewith a copy of the constitution of our League, setting out, in a summarised form, what the darkman conceives should be the programme for the raising of the race from its present deplorable condition. We trust that your Government will take steps to improve our lot along the lines indicated. Nothing less than the elevation of the race to equality with the white race is entirely satisfactory to the dark folk but everything done to help on the way is deeply appreciated.

We are delighted to see the increasing interest evidenced in our race a desire which extends to the administration. It does appear that that there is, on ebery hand, a willingness to mitigate the conditions applying rather than to regard them as the permanent condition.

Though our previous approach to you was not entirely successful, we do feel, and are glad to say it, that we did consider you were anxious to help us and for that we thank you.

We will later take an opportunity of requesting you to meet us again when we will move for further ameliorative effort.

With best wishes,
I remain,
Your obedient servant,
W Cooper Hon.Sec.
William Cooper