Antarctica: the impact of the environment on transport

A still from the video Uploading across the fast ice, Mawson station

A still from the video Unloading across the fast ice, Mawson Station.

NAA: P2731, 80

The frozen continent of Antarctica has posed great transport challenges for people attempting to work there. Ships from Australia are only able to travel to and from Antarctica during summer. When explorers, scientists and visitors reach Antarctica they continue to face many travel challenges due to the harsh weather conditions and dangerous terrain.

Get thinking

  • Why is it so difficult to get to Antarctica? Why is it difficult to travel around after you arrive in Antarctica?
  • The Antarctic environment provides many challenges for transport. What are some of the innovations that have been required to enable people and equipment to move around?
  • What are the main differences between types of transport used in the Antarctic now and those used 50 years ago? Think about travelling to Antarctica and also about getting around there.

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