Prime Minister dismissed

Letter to Gough Whitlam from Sir John Kerr dismissing him as Prime Minister, 1975

Bob Hawke at dismissal rally in Canberra
NAA: A6135,K14/11/75/40

Government House, Canberra. At 1.00pm on 11 November 1975 Governor-General Sir John Kerr handed a letter to Gough Whitlam terminating his appointment as Prime Minister of Australia. Kerr also terminated the appointment of Whitlam's ministers and, effectively, his government. The letter identified Section 64 of the Australian Constitution as the means that enabled him to do this.

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  • How and why was an elected government with a majority in the House of Representatives dismissed?
  • Who were the key people involved? What was their role?
  • What were the consequences of the dismissal for the key people involved and for the nation?

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