The 1967 Referendum

Activists with federal politicians

Activists with federal politicians
NAA: A1200, L62232

In the referendum held on 27 May 1967 Australians voted to remove two references in the Australian Constitution that discriminated against Aboriginal people. The changes to the Constitution included the repeal of two sections. This enabled the Australian Parliament to make special laws for Aboriginal people and to include Aboriginal people in the national census. For more records relating to the 1967 Referendum, please see the new classroom resource: How to change Australia's Constitution: Referendums.

Get thinking

  • What motivated the Australian community to campaign for constitutional change?
  • Prior to the 1967 referendum what attempts had been made to raise awareness of issues affecting Aboriginal people?
  • What changes were made to the Constitution as a result of the referendum and what was the impact of this achievement?

Get going

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