Popular culture: The impact of television

Australian and American scientists at Australia's National Radio Astronomy Observatory at Parkes, New South Wales, during the Apollo 11 moon landing in July 1969. Four men are grouped in front of a bank of instruments and dials. One has a microphone and a bow tie.

Parkes Observatory during moonwalk

NAA: A1200, L84798

From its introduction in the 1950s television has been a popular feature of Australian homes. It has provided millions of people with access to important historical, sporting and cultural events in a way that was not previously possible. Television is significant not only in providing entertainment but as a way to shape societal perspectives through mass communication and inclusive participation.

Get thinking

  • How were events and information communicated before the invention of the television? How has this changed since television was introduced?
  • What type of events, information and messages can television communicate?
  • How has this engagement with global events and culture affected Australian society?

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