Middle East

World War I

Postcard of the Middle East
Postcard map of the Middle East region: 'Where Our Boys Are'
NAA: A1336, 3963

From 1916, Australian troops served with allied forces in a series of engagements throughout the Middle East, mainly against the Ottoman Empire (now Turkey). The campaign aimed to defend the Suez Canal and the Sinai Peninsula in order to protect vital shipping routes. The extreme heat, harsh terrain and shortage of water in the region presented unique challenges for the troops. To meet these challenges, the allies relied heavily on horses and camels. Over three years Australian troops and the Australian Flying Corps served in Egypt, Palestine and the territories now known as Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.


Get thinking 

  • What challenges did the allied forces face in the Middle East?
  • What strategies did the Australians serving in the Middle East adopt to deal with the local conditions?
  • How did those on the home front respond to the achievements of Australians serving in the Middle East?

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