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Bondi beach

Bondi beach – 1884

Boy scouts

Boy scouts – 1957

Canberra Festival

Canberra Festival – 1988

Photograph of balloons flying over Parliament House

Flying a kite

Flying a kite – 1965

Photograph of children flying kites at school inĀ Canberra


Koala – 1955

Photograph at Taronga Park Zoo

Opening of the Sydney Opera House

Opening of the Sydney Opera House – 1973

Photograph of crowds outside the new Opera House

Ski jump turn

Ski jump turn – 1957

Photograph of Ted Fisch, former Australian ski team member, in action

The beach

The beach – 1965

Photograph at Manly, Sydney

Young choir

Young choir – 1971

Photograph of children singing in an eisteddfod

Harbour swimming at Manly

Harbour swimming at Manly – 1960

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