• Arts & Recreation

    Think of any recreational activity and the government probably has a role in it. Public money is used to fund the development of sport and to nurture the creative arts. The records also include a significant set of photographs depicting the Australian lifestyle.

  • Health & Welfare

    Records on this topic reflect the government's role in protecting and supporting its people. Quarantine provides the first (and last) line of defence against the importation of disease, but its harsh measures are not without their critics.

  • Indigenous History

    This set of records highlights stories from the history of Australia’s Indigenous peoples since Federation through Commonwealth government records. Discover records relating to their achievements, triumphs and struggles.

  • International Relations

    Australia's evolving relationships with traditional allies and Asian neighbours are documented in this record set. Perceptions of Australia by other countries, the workings of diplomacy and the clandestine world of espionage also feature.

  • Labour & Economics

    Our working lives and our economic wellbeing are major preoccupations of the Australian Government, especially during times of depression. Records on this topic are also concerned with primary industries, trade, industrial relations and commerce.

  • Our Democracy

    This set of records derives from the establishment of our system of government at Federation and its operation throughout the 20th century. Governance, legislation and justice are significant areas within the topic.

  • People & Society

    Records on this broad topic cover major social forces such as immigration and citizenship, censorship, religion and education. Groups such as women and Indigenous people also have particular issues that are evident in the records.

  • Place & Space

    Records on this topic, including maps and plans, describe the Australian Government's role in resource management, transport, infrastructure, climate and conservation of the natural environment. There are also records on special territories such as Antarctica.

  • Science & Technology

    Records in this topic delve into the work of the CSIRO, Australian inventions and technological advances. Communications, satellites, space travel and even the weird and wonderful, such as UFOs, found their way onto government files.

  • War & Peace

    Records relating to war and peace include high-level negotiations that informed decisions affecting many lives. They also describe the individual experience of the service personnel, and their families and friends, as they participated in these momentous events.